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Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

IMAGETEC L.P. is proud to be a Champion of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Throughout the month of October we will be sharing resources and information to encourage all users and organizations to own their role in protecting connected devices

Securing Internet-connected Devices In Healthcare

The global IoT healthcare market is expected to reach $14 billion by 2024.
(Zion Market Research)

Learn more about how your organization can help manage security with growing internet-connected device use in the healthcare industry.


How the Right Technologies Can Help Manage Security in Telemedicine


Learn more about how having the right devices and technologies to address security issues in telemedicine is more important than ever


Three Ways to Help Make Patients – and Clinicians – Feel Safer at the Hospital


Learn how having the right devices can help everyone feel safer and more secure


HP Business PC & Print Devices Cleaning Guidance


Learn the recommended steps to clean your HP Business PC & Print devices

Securing Devices at Home and Work

90% of IT professionals believe remote workers are not secure and 70% think remote staff poses a greater risk than onsite employees. (OpenVPN)

With businesses and homes more connected than ever and colliding on a never-before-seen scale, we’re sharing resources to help organizations and users understand and prepare for new potential security vulnerabilities.

Keeping You and Your Company Digitally Safe at Home


Learn about incorporating best practices for working remotely using HP capabilities whether you’re an IT decision-maker, IT security expert or IT admin and get tips on how to help your company skillfully navigate the current security landscape.

Tip Sheet

Security Tips for Remote Workers

National Cyber Security Alliance

Share these tips with your remote workforce to help keep personal and company networks and devices secure.


Remote IT Support


We offer a wide range of support for your remote staff to keep your company data secure.

If You Connect It, Protect it

Gartner forecasts that 25 billion connected things will be in use by 2021. (Gartner)

View these resources to learn more about endpoint security, assess your organization’s endpoint vulnerabilities and see how your organization’s endpoint security strategy compares worldwide.


Close the Gap in Device Security


Learn more about endpoint security vulnerabilities, what your organization can do today to help secure your network and data and what future steps you can take like looking for innovative products with security features built-in.


Print Devices: An Overlooked Network Security Risk


Learn how although print devices are a vulnerable target for cybercriminals, they’re significantly overlooked in most IT security strategies. Explore steps to start securiting your print devices today and in the future.


Top 5 Security Vulnerabilities of Corporate Print Fleets


Find out if your organization is covering common cyber-hygiene practices with your MFP and copier fleet.

Security Survey

The IDC-HP Inc. Endpoint Security Survey


See how your organization’s endpoint security approach compares to the 500 security decision makers and influencers at organizations in key European and North American markets surveyed by IDC.

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Learn more about the collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online

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