Managed Print Services

Imagetec, Chicago’s leader in Managed Print Services for over 19 years is continuing to provide Chicago industries with tailored print services and printing solutions. With output devices such as printers and copiers representing roughly 1-3% of annual revenue, it has been increasingly important for businesses to understand their spending habits and correct them when needed.

Along with saving your company both time and money, our managed print services include unmatched service, supplies, and hardware support. This ensures your printing solution operates at maximum performance and your overall uptime is at its highest capacity. Implementing a managed print services or MPS program can help to reduce print times, enhance your office equipment capabilities, allow you to take control of printing costs and better manage document workflow. It is more important than ever to maintain high quality and efficient printing solutions for your organization.

How it works:

During the initial managed print services analysis a member of our certified team of network engineers visits your office, and launches a powerful data collection software. This software enables us to view a range of detailed information about your current printing solutions including the device model, total page counts, toner levels and we are able to map out the physical location of your office equipment. Once your office equipment has been analyzed, we will present you with the findings, and work with you to understand and develop a managed print solution that fits seamlessly with your company’s needs.

What are the Benefits For You?

Once your initial analysis is completed, we are able to locate underutilized and low productivity office equipment by breaking down the costs associated with each device. This helps optimize device placement by eliminating unnecessary equipment which will improve the document and workflow productivity of your current printing solution. Along with eliminating unnecessary equipment our managed print services also helps to identify when purchasing or leasing a new or refurbished piece of office equipment would would be a fit for your printing solution.

Our Managed Print Services gives Chicago companies a greater deal of accuracy in budgeting and forecasting your document output demands, but it will also provide you the ability to keep your office running smoothly while remaining cost effective.

Managed Print Services Leasing Programs

IMAGESolutions™ is a leasing program that allows you to bundle equipment, service, and supplies for all your print devices. You’ll receive only one monthly invoice for the equipment and a specified number of images/prints. The only additional cost is for excess images/prints above the specified monthly amount.

Digital Solutions™ is a leasing program that allows you to buy a “block” of copies for all your multifunction devices and finance it over the term of your equipment lease. It eliminates the charge for spikes in usage by allowing you to use as many or as few copies each month from the “block” at any given time. Any unused copies at the end of your lease term will be credited towards a new contract with Imagetec.

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