Print Management & Document Management Services

Since our inception into the Print Management Industry in 1992, we have worked and partnered with leading manufacturers and distributors to provide companies in Chicago print management & document management services. At Imagetec we understand that every business has different needs. That is why we work with you to develop and implement effective print management service programs that works seamlessly with your company; keeping your business goals innovative and efficient. In addition, when it comes to selecting the most cost effective way to manage your printing expenses and document workflow our print management and document management services are very customizable providing you exactly what your business needs.

  • Imagetec’s Managed Print Services allow you to take control of your printing costs and establish a more cost effective method to managing your business. Our certified network engineers will visit your office and initiate our powerful data collection software. Once your fleet’s information is gathered we work with you to supply an individualized solution that increase’s your offices effectiveness and eliminates unnecessary costs.
  • Imagetec’s IT Services offer you solutions for not only hardware and software related issues but also networking implementation. Our customer service and IT staff will work with you to develop all of your technology needs.
  • Imagetec also offers a Free Print Analysis to assess the status of your current fleet. Our assessments provide you with detailed information on costs per print, device efficiency and how you can improve your document output while keeping costs at a minimum. Contact us today for your free print analysis!

By offering print management & document management services we are able to continue providing Chicago businesses like yours the tools, knowledge, and customizable approach to maintaining an efficient office well into the future.