Part Two: The Best Apps for Efficiently Collaborating with Colleagues and Clients in 2016

Collaboration and idea sharing have always been at the center of business growth and success. Quickly and efficiently being able to send files, drafts, designs, presentations or anything else is an important aspect for building strategic relationships with industry colleagues and clients. Here are some our favorite apps and tools for easy collaboration with your business leading into the New Year.


“After an early business flight, the last thing we want to have to do is worry about finding a place to print important documents for the morning’s meeting ahead. Free yourself from unnecessary stress by sending the print tasks to your hotel’s printer, or, directly to the office where you are heading from your device using Samsung Cloud Print.”

unnamedSamsung Cloud Print – Samsung Cloud Print combines mobility and efficiency into one convenient app for your device. Directly upload your documents, images, spreadsheets or whatever else needs printing to the cloud server and print directly to the selected location’s compatible printer.Samsung Cloud Print is the perfect companion for quick and easy collaboration for business, as well as sending images of your kids to the grandparent’s printer for a wonderful morning surprise.


“There is nothing worse than getting a “file size exceeds limit” message when trying send important documents. We can all celebrate now, because those days are over!”

QA5NJ3IEQCT4M2RH360O3UOV0FVV51MQSend Anywhere and Send Anywhere for Printer – Send Anywhere was the first printing app made using the Samsung Development Kit, and is a peer-to-peer file sharing application. The app allows users to easily share files in real-time through a Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, without having to bypass a cloud. Send Anywhere allows users to send as many files of any type and size across diverse platforms. With Send Anywhere for Printer, you can scan and send documents right from your printer. When receiving documents to the printer, all you need is the 6-digit code to access the file.


“What do you do when you’re grabbing coffee in the morning, and the boss calls instructing to have 10 copies of the presentation printed right at that moment? A) Drop your coffee and run to the office or, B) open your Samsung Mobile Print app and print the task right from where you are while enjoying your Vanilla Spiced Latte?”

6SKMDEFVG436HNHDU9K10MR8GLPPG5I4Samsung Mobile Print – Samsung Mobile Print empowers users to print or send fax, most of the digital content like Office documents, PDF files, images, emails, web pages or even content on your cloud server. SamsungMobile Print supports several other apps like Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, OneDrive and Facebook. Samsung Mobile frees the user from having to be at a desktop computer to print important documents, making collaboration and flexibility achievable.


“Who says you have to be stuck at an office to get done what needs to be done? Schedule more freedom and mobility into your plans for 2016!”

unnamed06WD3ASLChrome Remote Desktop – Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to gain full remote access to their PC from their Android device. Google’s freeChrome Remote Desktop app is compatible with any operating system where Google Chrome is supported, enabling users to securely connect to their computers from mobile devices. Once connected, users can open folders, manipulate and edit files and run programs on their desktop system as if they were sitting at their office desk. When paired with Samsung Mobile Print, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to be at the office, when they could be accomplishing the same tasks from anywhere in the world.


Make 2016 the Most Productive Year for Your Business

Take advantage of the best apps for productivity and collaboration in 2016. With endless resources and tools available, every business has the opportunity to maximize time and money, while paving the way for success.

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