Part One: The Best Apps for Boosting Productivity in 2016

“Preparation for the 9 am meeting can now be done at 8:50 am, of course, we are not encouraging procrastination”

dw_listDynamic Workflow –Having to go through settings each time you need to print, scan or copy documents can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when speed is a necessity. With the Dynamic Workflow app available on the Smart UX Center for Samsung MultiXpress series printers, users can customize and create workflows with multiple apps within the Smart UX ecosystem. Users are able to integrate tasks such as scanning, text editing and document distribution into a single workflow, saving time and boosting productivity.


“Stacking, shuffling and trying to organize large documents and lengthy presentations is now a thing of the past!”

Workbook_Main_2560Workbook Composer – TheWorkbook Composer appavailable on the Smart UX Center for Samsung MultiXpress series printers can become your best companion in managed large files. Workbook Composer enables users to scan and automatically export multiple selected areas of pages, compose documents, and save files in editable formats. The app can even detect hand-written checkbox marks (red pen required), automatically export multiple selected areas, immediately print after composing pages, save and share images in editable formats through server, email or cloud apps.


“For any business or corporation, properly and accurately managing expenses is crucial for maintaining productivity.”

unnamedOV1GZ7EAExpense Manager The Expense Manager app, available on any android device, can be the perfect solution for tracking and managing your business’s finances. Expense Manager is a personal finance app with tons of useful tools for SMB owners and entrepreneurs. The app lets users categorize, record and track business expenses with an easy-to-use interface, then organize them into visual graphs to show you where your money is going. Expense Manager gives you the power to see where you are spending, making savings and cost management decisions much easier.


“To all the diligent note takers out there, it’s time to ditch those mole skins!”

unnamedRYHBMDVLEvernote It is important to always have something to be able to take notes on during meetings, client calls, or, if something strikes you has interesting and you do not want to forget it. However, constantly carrying around a notebook can be troublesome, and the possibility of leaving, or losing it somewhere more likely than if you had jotted down your notes and ideas on your smart phone or tablet. The Evernote app, available on any android device, allows users to create multiple notebooks, save text notes, create complex lists with images and record voice notes. Users are able to send content into an Evernote notebook by emailing it to a special address connected to an account. The app also keeps user’s notes and files synced with its own cloud-based service.

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